Spend Less Time Watering On Your Lawn

And More Time Lounging on It.

We like yard work as much as the next guy. But there’s only so much we’ll do for a green lawn. Babysitting a sprinkler all day isn’t one of them. Besides making life infinitely easier, an underground sprinkler system ensures your lawn gets the water it needs to stay healthy and green. If you’re considering installing a sprinkler system, here are a few things you need to know.

System Type

Most sprinkler systems consist of a combination of spray heads and rotor heads. Not surprising, they distribute water as their names suggest. Spray heads are great for lawns that are relatively flat while rotors are better for those that aren’t. If your lawn is xeriscaped, or you have a lot of plants and shrubs, you will probably want to install a drip irrigation system. These are an efficient and cost-effective way to conserve water while ensuring your plants stay healthy.


With the exception of basic drip irrigation systems, most sprinkler systems are not do-it-yourself projects. Though it’s not an impossible project, it’s one that’s best left in the hands of an experienced professional. When it comes to costs, there are many different variables that affect the cost. For that reason, it’s important to get at least three quotes for the project (be wary of any firm that gives you a quote without seeing your lawn).

When you consider how much time a sprinkler system can save you, not to mention how much easier it’ll make your life, it’s easy to justify installing a sprinkler system. In fact, there’s enough summer left to consider having one installed this season.