Splintered Decks, Splintered Lives

Anna and Gary planned the perfect BBQ. Little did they know that a hidden danger was lurking underfoot – a danger that was about to turn a joy-filled party into an experience that would shatter the innocence of walking barefoot on a ratty old deck. If only Gary and Anna would’ve listened to their neighbor Dennis and repaired their splintered deck when they had the chance.

“Seriously,” he said. “It’s easy. First, you spray down the deck with mixture of bleach and water to kill the mold and restore it to a uniform color. Then you sand it down and power wash it to get the wood all nice and smooth. Last but not least, you treat it with some water sealant.”

Gary laughed and pointed at his deck. “And that’s all I need to do to get this thing looking good as new?”

Dennis nodded.

“Maybe I’ll get to it next week,” said Gary.

But he never did and everyone got splinters.

Don’t be a Gary. Fix your deck before your guests get splinters.