ServiceMagic Complaints in the UK

Homespirational Tip: Hiring a home improvement professional doesn’t always go well. In fact, it’s one of the more inconsistent industries out there. There are lots of cowboys that can create a lot of frustration. It’s important to let these networks know so they can track these complaints over time and eliminate repeat offenders.

Have a complaint (or positive feedback) about ServiceMagic’s service in the United Kingdom? You can submit your feedback here. You can also contact ServiceMagic UK directly through their contact number and feedback form.


Finding Tradesmen in the UK to Help With Your Home Projects

Homespirational Tip: Sometimes, it’s better to get some help with those home projects. Check out ServiceMagic’s recommended UK tradesmen directory and start finishing some of those home improvement projects sooner! If you have a list of small projects, you might even be able to get a handyman to do multiple projects and save you a little time and money.

This will also help cut down on your chances of hiring a cowboy!