So You Think You’re a Lumberjack?

Follow these quick tips before you start chopping down trees.

Every year, mother nature likes to do a little house cleaning of its plant life in the form of storms, wind, lightning, ice, hurricanes, disease and more. Sometimes these forces of nature negatively impact the trees in your yard. Removing these trees is sometimes required by your local government, especially if they are interfering with power lines. Some places, like Seattle, also require permits.

Tree Removal Tips

Tree removal is something that should typically be done by a professional with experience. However, if you decide to take on the task yourself, it would be wise to follow these tree cutting tips.

Before you start wailing away with an axe or calling a professional arborist, first you should look for some of these common signs that you need to remove your tree:

  • Dead wood in the branches, or especially the trunk
  • Large crack in the core of the tree
  • Poor leaf growth
  • Bad bark on the stem of the tree (ie discoloring, separation, etc)

How Much Does it Cost?

This tree removal cost guide is a great place to start and will give you a good idea of all the things you need to consider such as size, location, type of tree, and more. You’ll also have to decide on whether you want to pay the stump removal cost. Once removed, you could even do something creative with it, like a tree stump garden.

Is It Necessary to Cut the Whole Tree Down?

Many times the tree is perfectly healthy and doesn’t need to be completely removed. Often, a good tree trimming or pruning will suffice. A good example is when a storm just takes down a branch or two, or when the tree hasn’t been trimmed in a while and starts to interfere with power lines. Trimming or pruning a tree is something is also often best left to a professional and certified arborist. Someone like an arborist that is familiar with the proper techniques will go a long way in preserving the life of your tree. As an added bonus – and something many people don’t think about – they’ll also make it an attractive element of your landscape. This will often provide a slight lift to your property value as well. And the cost of tree trimming is often quite reasonable.


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