It’s Not Getting Any Cooler

So maybe it’s time to come up with a viable solution.

We understand when the end of July and early August comes, it can get so hot that nothing can help. We’ve been there. We’re talking especially to you folks wading through the air in humidity-heavy locales.

So if you’re sick of cold showers, sitting in warm water swimming pools, or paying for endless movie tickets just for the air conditioning, here’s a quick tip.

Change or clean your air conditioning filter regularly, especially throughout the summer, to make sure it’s running at full pace. This will make your home cooler, and will save on energy bills (PDF) since your unit won’t have to work so hard to get cold air out. Also make sure window units and your unit outdoor aren’t blocked by any leaves, vines, or other kind of debris.

Do this and do everyone a favor. It’s not like the rest of the world enjoys seeing (smelling) you as sweaty as you probably are by this point, either.


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