Carpets Can’t Talk

But if They Could They’d Thank You

Sure, you vacuum like a responsible homeowner should, but your carpets aren’t as clean as you think they are. In fact, deep down they’re really, really dirty. And while vacuuming does a great job of picking up the superficial layers of dirt and grime, if you want to really clean your carpets you need to have them professionally cleaned. Here’s why.

It Extends the Life of Your Carpets

All that dirt doesn’t just look bad; as it works its way deep into the carpet it breaks down the carpet fibers. The deeper into the carpet it goes, the more damage it’s going to cause. Having your carpets professionally cleaned every year reduces wear and tear. In fact, some manufacturers require cleanings as part of the warranty. Or you could just use a coir carpet, rug or mat to cut down on carpet cleaning costs!

It Improves Your Health

Did you know that 90% of the dust in your home is shedded skin? You might think it’s gross, but dust mites and parasites love it. Cleaning your carpets removes all those allergens and irritants, greatly improving the air quality of your home. If that’s not reason enough to have your carpets professionally cleaned we don’t know what is.


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