Prevent Rust Rings in Your Shower With This Great Tip

Homespirational Tip: Protect your bathtub rim from rust rings by slipping this foamy college relic over a can of Barbasol (rather than Budweiser).

via Beer Koozie as Shaving-Cream Holder | New Uses in Your Bathroom | Real Simple.


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  1. Newton
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 05:45:28

    Rust-O-Less ( ) is a silicone rubber cap that firmly fits around shaving cream cans and prevents rust ring stains formed in one’s shower or bathroom countertop. Rust rings often form when water mixes with the metal base of shaving cream cans.

    As much fun as it is to spend an afternoon scrubbing your shower or bathroom to remove rust rings, there are many other activities someone would prefer to do in their free time.

    One ounce of PREVENTION is worth a a pound of CURE
    Using Rust-O-Less is equal to hours of cleaning

    Don’t get restless with rust rings, get Rust-O-Less!

    For more information go to or email


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